Simplified 2018 new year’s resolution

Hi guys! Before posting this, I actually prepared a much longer post about this year’s new year’s resolution and how I’m going to achieve them. But half way through writing it, I decided to abandon it. Reason being, complication has got on to me, and it’s not helping me with productivity. In fact, it’s slowing me down significantly from producing one post a week to just one a month, or less! After doing some self questioning, I realised all I really want this year is to keep goals and resolutions simple so I can actually focus on achieving them.

So I’ve rationalised my 2018 new year’s resolution to just 2 things:

  • Write something everyday, and have 30 posts by the end of year
  • Draw something everyday, and have 30 drawings by end of year.

Life is already loaded on a daily basis for me, with a full time job and 2 young kids to look after. Whilst I still want to push myself to do something extra, I want to make sure these goals are reachable by means of my current life situation.

Sometimes life is about making choices for the sake of given responsibilities. It might take me longer to achieve something others have achieved in a much shorter time, but I’m confident that as long as I keep doing something about it each day, I will get there eventually.

I know this is a short post and isn’t overly informative, but I just want to share what’s planned ahead for me this year. And I’d love to hear what your new year’s resolutions are? How are you keeping track so far? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to be inspired!

Happy 2018!


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How to choose: do what you love, or love what you do

20160908 Love what you do

Today’s blog is inspired by a message famously worded by Steve Jobs

Whenever we face a choice of action, there are two types of underlying drivers: we can choose to do what we love, or choose to love what we do. The reverse in order of two words brings about an entirely different mindset. Choosing to do what we love is a self motivation to satisfy what we want. On the other hand, choosing to love what we do is about taking a step back on personal preference, in order to make room for what others want and make the most of the opportunities we have.

Reality is, on any journey towards a goal, there are bound to be things we enjoy and annoy no matter what our choices are. If we merely choose to do what we love, our actions wouldn’t be mature and fruitful as they can be, as we’d be focused on self satisfaction, and thus be biased towards only the things that are enjoyable. If we choose to love what we do, we’d be more focused on the opportunities presented and the outcome. This’d help us to adapt and endure the things that may be less enjoyable but necessary, and matures our character in the long run.

To give an example, I very much enjoy searching for ways to self improve, but I don’t particularly enjoy the process of communicating them. For me, thinking and learning is intuitive, but not communications. If I only choose to do what I love, I’d be keeping all the learning in my own mind for my own good. But if I choose to love, I’d make an effort to try to communicate better, so I can share my learning with other people to help those that may be in need.

With this in mind, I’m going to be focusing this blog on talking and sharing about the things that I believe are most important to live a fulfilled life. This starts off with a clear self awareness, a purpose driven motivation, and loads of mind/body discipline. I hope you will find learnings and motivations here that will take your life to where you want your best self to be.

Lets do this together.


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