Three major updates from the last three months

Hi there! It’s been nearly four months, and I’m finally back with another post update.

Yes, shame on me, especially after I said that I’d be writing something every day to keep this blog up.

Well, truth is, I have been writing every now and then for the last few months, but they were more like trails of thoughts and not quite completed posts I feel like I can publish.

So I’ve decided to go with quality over quantity.

Anyway, today I thought I’d share a bit about what I’ve been doing for the last three months. Hopefully this’d also help to explain why blogging has fallen aside slightly for me.

First up, we bought a house.

Ever since the birth of our second child, Anna, we’ve been thinking about upgrading our family home. More people in the house, more space needed, right?

At the start of the year, we did a major review of our financial situation and realised we were actually able to afford it.

So the house hunt began.

After days and nights of searching on, going to open inspections, repeated inspections, and having endless conversations with real estate agents, banks, conveyancers, and not to mention among our own family members, we finally came across a property that we were all happy with. The house does need a bit of renovation, but we still bought it at the auction, at a price that was much lower than our planned budget.

Wow, right? But hang on, there’s more to that which I’ll share in the coming posts.

Next up, we sold our current house.

Closely after we bought the new house, we started planning for the sale of our current house.

Sadly, we cannot afford to keep both houses with two huge mortgages. This would take our debt level right through the roof, and we are not comfortable about that.

So the rational thing to do is to sell our current house, which will leave us only needing to stretch our current loan limit a little. That, we can absorb with our current income.

Once again, we started talking to a selected few of our local real estate agents, based on good recent sales results and reputation. We went through two rounds of interview process to finally sign the deal with one, which actually happens to the agent we bought the new house from. In hindsight, this wasn’t the best choice.

After locking in the date of auction, we planned out the dates of the rest of the activities – photo shooting of the house for advertising, copy writing of the advertisements, drawing up the floor plans, launching the advertising campaign, scheduled open for inspections, etc.

I should also mention, there was already a whole heap of work around preparing the house for advertising and opening, such as decluttering and cleaning, that has happened way before we even selected our agent!

After all the hard work has been done, we were only left to hope for the best outcome on Auction day. It was sold, but the result was not as good as we’d envisaged.

I’ll share more about the sale process and results in future posts as well.

Last but not least, I’ve returned to work from parental leave.

In case I haven’t mentioned before, I work in a banking corporate in Australia. All up this time, I went away on parental leave for a good 9 months. While life might have felt pretty slow at home, a lot has actually changed at my workplace.

So far, I’ve been back for a month now, and it’s been a gradual process to settle back into the role and organisation. There were a lot of catch ups with work mates to understand all the changes, meeting and getting to know new people in the teams and wider network, clearing out emails and filtering out what’s important, and overall just trying to keep up with the current work in flight.

I must say, I am very lucky to have great helpers – mum and dad (in law) at home, so I can come back to work full time. If anyone might ever think a full time job is tiring, they should definitely try full time babysitting. That’d put things into much better perspective.

With all these said, I hope I’ve given a good excuse (or not) for missing actions on this blog lately. There’s still a lot to do in life such as renovating the new house, moving our tribe over there, settling in, while the daily routine still continue –work, looking after kids, housework, etc.

I will end this post by saying, changing house is definitely a big decision, a HUGE task, and an intensely stressful process. If I had the choice to choose again, I would definitely not be doing this at this time while life is already hectic as it is. But I only learnt this through the hard way, so I hope you’d give it a more careful thought before jumping into the same decision.

If you’ve had similar experience, please share it with me in the comments. I really want to know how you felt about it, how you handled the process and stress.

Peace for now,


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First post – why we’re starting this blog

Hi there! Welcome to our site. This is the official first post of Frustrated Millennials, a lifestyle blog for the striving Millennials.

I’ve only started to notice the term ‘Millennial’ recently. This is the generation my husband Tim and I grew up in. Every generation has its unique experience and memories in the course of history, so does ours. Looking back in time, I can still recall clearly how much the world has changed, from the one we grew up in, to the one we live in now, where we have matured.

Before the 2000 millennium, the world was moving at a steady pace. People were just starting to fancy the novelties of wireless phones and the wonders of the world wide web. We never knew there could be a cyber space beyond the physical world, and we never could have imagined the amount of content we could store in the digital world and getting access to all sorts of information in just a matter of seconds. What we also didn’t realise, at the time, is how much our lifestyle was about to be transformed because of this extraordinary advancement of technologies.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we, the Millennials, are the generation that lived and experienced the most of the sensations and frustrations of the significant lifestyle changes. We grew up in one world, and matured in another. The conventional values, standards, and ways of doing things that we were taught when we were young, is fading. Before we could understand, we were already on the wave to adapt and accept the new world today which operates much differently and at a much faster pace.

As social media floods over the mainstream media, Netflix replaces the family TV, Amazon takes over the stores around the block, there are a lot of changes we need to adapt to in both our personal and professional lives. Like the feeling we got as a kid, when we were forced to change school and leave all the friends we have just made. This is what we are feeling all the time now. As soon as we become familiar with something, the next new thing comes to replace it. Such constant need to change and adapt makes up much of the anxiety and frustration we experience today.

On top of this, rising pace and cost of living are also creating much of the frustrations we face in our daily lives. Thanks to technology, we are living in the prime age of productivity. There is the capacity now to produce more goods than we can actually consume. Yet, we still feel inadequate. The demanding side of human nature calls us to be restless, to consume more, produce more, and operate faster. These heightened demands in every aspect of our lives not only put pressure on the pace and cost of living, they also make us feel lost and frustrated more than ever, because it’s so damn hard to keep up with the million things going on around us, all the time!

We believe in order to relieve some of the frustrations we experience as a Millennial, we must find ways to adapt to the world today. In contrary to what the media loves to say, we don’t believe everybody is called to change the world. But there are ways for us to change ourselves in order to manage frustrations and live a happier life. This is what we’re hoping this blog will bring, a channel for us to share with fellow Millennials the common frustrations we face daily and ways to manage or avoid them. We’d also love to hear from you, what frustrations you’re experiencing that might need to be vented, and how you’re currently dealing with them.

Lets help each other out and cheer on!

Shan & Tim

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